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Sheffield LOC Meeting 2nd December 2008

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 2 December 2008

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell (Chair), Alex Gage, Robert Hughes, Sue Stentiford, Ian Van Hoof

Apologies: Will Walters, John Whittle

Guest: Richard Oliver – PEC NHS Sheffield Harold Atkinsons – LOC Support Unit

In attenance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 21 October 2008 were accepted as a correct record, after couple of corrections on the request of Shirley. Proposed Robert Hughes – Seconded Sue Stentiford

Matters arising
• None

I. Children’s Eye Care: Shirley explained that the business case has been finalised and discussed with Gerry, John and herself. The aim is to kick off the scheme from 1 September 09. Shirley will meet in January with Richard Oliver and Kay Logan to finalise the business case and present it to the PCT. The educational session “Children Eye care Education Day” should be organised for all optoms to take place which should be set up at a meeting on 21 January 2009 with a proposed date for the training of Feb. 11th. Shirley has contacted Jane Marr, Paediatric Consultant at SCH and is waiting to hear on her availability. RO explained that the PCT held funding for Protected Learning (Jane Howcrot at Sheffield PCT is the contact) to cover the cost of the workshop. Attendance at the lecture would not be mandatory for participating in the children’s eye care pathway. Shirley to email all committee members with final details.

II. Triage proposals: not discussed during the meeting.

III. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: The new form was presented and discussed. Gerry suggested that the NHS Patient number and practice ref number is added and, after some discussion, all agreed the form was good and ready to use. Ian Van Hoof commented that he has already started using it and but that had been told by STH that GOS18 should be used. RO stated that STH should accept whichever form is associated to whichever scheme the PCT has commissioned, based on taking the services out of the hospital to the community. As long as the new scheme has been formally agreed between the PCT and the LOC and formally commissioned by the PCT to STH, there should be no problem and no rejection when using the new form. RO agreed to take this matter back to the PCT to help this happen, as the scheme is already being used. Some discussion took place about training. Some funding is available from the PCT for training and Mike suggested that this training should be offered to all optoms in the hope that more might be recruited to the scheme. Accreditation was discussed and Mike suggested that this should be referred to the LOC SU as the AOP could not advise. He stated that offering accreditation might attract more optoms to sign up to the scheme. The PCT letter to be sent to all Sheffield optoms to encourage participation to the scheme was discussed, and it was agreed it should be re-drafted by Mike to capture the points raised in the discussion, including training and the fee payable.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: Robert Hughes explained that a meeting was organised the following week without STH being present. It will be suggested that all optoms with their own cameras of appropriate standard would be invited take part in the scheme to test the interest. No results to report on the audit as yet.

V. Low Vision Group: Nothing to report.

VI. Primary Care Trust: Nothing to report

VII. Website: New website is live without a password being required. No personal data is on the website (practice addresses only). Gerry to send his biography to Alex to update the website.

Alex responded to the GP letter. All other matters had been emailed to the committee members.

Any Other Business
• Mike introduced Harold Atkinson from the LOC SU who came to give the committee a presentation of the recent developments of the LOC SU and in particular the national website designed to benefit practices, the PCTs and the patient experience. He explained the role of the Support Unit is to act as coordinator and administrator. Mike asked Harold if the LOC SU would be able to have a look at the Pears Scheme currently piloted in Sheffield, which he agreed to do. Richard Oliver asked details of other national schemes currently running which could be implemented by optoms in Sheffield. All present at the meeting agreed that SLOC should formerly support the LOC SU and it was agreed that funds should be transferred over to the LOC SU with immediate effect.
• Ro suggested that the LOC should go along to a board meeting to introduce the LOC to the Board.
• Mike attended an Ophthalmology Strategic Group meeting set up to looking at strategy over the next 5 years. First meeting was setting out the terms of reference. Mike to report about the next meeting at the next LOC meeting. It is felt that this is a “STH lead” group.

Date for next meeting:
Tuesday 20 January 2009
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed at 10.00

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