Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 2nd Nov 2015

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 2 November 2015
Present: Rob Hughes (RH-Chairman), Deborah Mullens (DM), Michael Daybell (MD- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Rob Hobson (RO), Dee Singh (DS), Habib Shah (HS), Taveer Hussain (TH)
Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, James Allen Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. OHT
2. Post Cataract Operation Reporting
3. Adeno Plus
4. Other Business
RH I have some figures from the Hallamshire; we have 2500 to 3000 Ocular Hypertensive patients who could be discharged to shared care the cost per appointment at present is £58. We do not know how many of these patients are on medication but Simon Longstaff has agreed that patients on medication will not be discharged to be seen by us at the moment.
James Allen and Mike Daybell are going to be put in charge of the OHT dealings with LOC to work through the paperwork the hospital has given and sort out the fine details. We will basically be doing anterior chamber assessment and GRR.
HB Why are we not taking on patients on medication?
RH Dealing with the patients on medication can be much more complicated especially when the patients reach the age where they would be taken off medication. Some Optoms would be put off joining the scheme because of dealing with these complicated cases.
DM How may appointments can you take to see these patients i.e. if you see them again after three months do you get paid for the follow up appointment? These issues need resolving before we take on these patients.
RH The hospital makes a decision regarding medication on the one reading.
MD The hospital doesn’t have much experience in this as the NICE Guidelines have recently been changed.
RH Once Optoms have got used to dealing with the non medicated discharged hospital patients we will look at taking on the patients on medication.
We do need to do Van Herricks each time we see a patient.
MD So will we use the GRR data collection form? We need to sort all these details out so everyone is following the same guidelines. The data collection form could be a starting point but I think we need to review and improve the form.
RH We need to decide how much cash we ask for from the CCG. When Richard Oliver put together the figures he factored in that there will be a 10% re-referral rate back to hospital which the CCG will take into account.
MD We will be doing thresholds, fields, Van Herricks, Goldmans and dilated disc assessment so it will take about 30 minutes, £58 for a half an hour appointment is not cost effective.
TH Does everyone think they will have time to do these cases?
HB Optoms in Cheltenham use the Sheffield Optoms scheme and they get £75 per case, they used all the Sheffield notes. We need the fee to be realistic.
RH We did ask for a pay rise for all the schemes but we have a 3 year contract with 2 years left to run, we will ask again for a rise after this contract is over. There is a clause that they can reduce the amount paid. The amounts paid are in the main contact that the LOC Company has signed and the amount the providers get is in the sub contract.
Post Cataract Operation Reporting
RH Who actually fills in the forms at the moment? There is no feedback from the hospital so I don’t fill it in.
I got copied into an email about the ophthalmology; they want the feedback forms from us so they can give patients a choice of surgeon. I said we would like something in return for doing it, (we are unlikely to get paid for it as it is non clinical) but they need to at least report back to all referrals.
MD Why can’t we ask to get paid for doing it, if we say we won’t send the forms back and they need the data what would they do?
DM What do other hospitals do?
RH The CCG will not pay for this but other hospitals do pay for the pre op assessment and post op feedback forms.
TH Various hospitals in other areas of Yorkshire do pay for pre op and post op feedback.
HB I have had patients who have been frightened away from having cataract surgery by the hospital.
DS I tell the patients to insist on their cataract surgery as sometimes the hospital will try to talk patients out of the surgery.
MD If you put someone off the cataract surgery they will still need to be done later.
RH In Nottingham they will only do one eye.
DM A lot of Optoms won’t fill out the forms if they don’t get paid.
TH Rotherham and Barnsley pay £20 for each form so we should aim for that.
RH OK, I will get in touch as see if we can get paid for filling out the forms.
Adeno Plus
RH I had a email about Adeno Plus; a quick and accurate way of differentiating between bacterial conjunctivitis or adenoviral conjunctivitis.
They would like to run a trial to see how cost effective it is, so for the duration of the trial they will provide the kit for free but I couldn’t find out how much it would cost after the trial. This is not something that we come across very often as most people will go to their GP with these problems.
Other Business
RH I had an email about a meeting about ophthalmology and its costs –basically about how to reduce the number of patients going through the walk in centre.
Patient information leaflets in GP surgeries for example promote eye care but there is nothing about Optoms and Pears.
HB Often the patients don’t know they had been referred or why.
RH PRR screening has just started again, the on line reporting system for PRR is going to be changed so there will not be a separate report and referral section, they will be in one, so the options will also change. This is not on-line yet but will be soon.
RH Asim Javed, the invited guest didn’t show up, he enquired about joining Pears. Asim Javed of ‘Vision Insight Opticians’ was looking onto some software computer based system to improve communications, using software installed at Optoms and the hospital. His ideas sound interesting but there may not be any funding available.
DS Our manager has been sent an email about new Opticians that just offer external prescriptions a dispensing Optician will be there but Optom only once per week, they will be able to undercut other Optoms.
TH There has been one in town for a long time.
RH I doubt they will be able to undercut businesses like Specsavers.
EP Does the GOS 2 form have to have a recall date on it?
RH If you are registered you can dispense a ten year old prescription.
Meeting ended 8.40 PM
The next meeting is on Tuesday 5 January 2016

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