Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 2nd September 2008

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Alex Gage, Ian Van Hoof, Will Walters, John Whittle

Apologies: Sue Stentiford, Mike Daybell (Chair) Robert Hughes, David Inman Jon Stokes

Guest: Richard Oliver – PEC NHS Sheffield

In attendance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 17 June 2008 were accepted as a correct record. Proposed Alex Gage – Seconded Phil Banton

Matters arising


I. Children’s Eye Care: Shirley reported that she had attended the meeting which took place at SCH and that the idea was well received by the clinicians. It was proposed that Orthoptists do the school vision screening. A few points emerged from the long discussion that ensued: there is a problem with numbers of referrals and there need to be a central referral point (PCT or Orthoptists?) and a tighter referral system – there is a problem with interpreters required for some patients (these should be seen at SCH) – children should be flagged up by school nurses to go to optoms rather than SCH at school entry level (better patient service – less waiting time for families) – the optoms fee should be looked at so that it reflects the quality of service (benchmark could be current cost less 20% – RO to check the current cost).
It was commented that although clinicians are in favour of the proposed scheme, the proposal had to be put to SCH management who historically are more resistant to change. RO commented that the PCT is supporting the scheme and is keen to proceed. The next step is to write up a business case. RO stated a business case at present is turned around in a maximum of 8 weeks and that he is happy to contact his governance colleagues at the PCT to help Shirley and Gerry to write out the business case. Crucial information is required to write a business case: the fee to be charged by the optoms – some figures are required, ie numbers of children discharged from SCH following current referrals – DNAs figures – current cost per child for the existing system – how much would it cost in the community. To conclude it is thought that the proposed scheme would save the NHS a lot of money and offer a better service to the patients.

II. Triage proposals: The scheme is now live and up and running as of 1 September with Alex having had his first referral from the GP. All the forms are in place, although Helen commented she had received no forms. The pilot will run for 6 months when a review will take place. The LOC should identify quickly which other practices are willing to take place in the scheme outside the West Consortium. A list is available from Linda Lyddement. The PCT is keen to roll out the scheme city-wide. RO commented that the PCT is supporting the scheme.

III. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: No new form has yet been received by members. Alex explained how the scheme works to RO. RO commented that the scheme should also be rolled out to all practices. Alex explained that STH had been resistant in the past and that the PCT should discuss this direct with STH. He asked whether stable Glaucoma patients could be seen in the community saying that in the next 6 months there will be opportunity to pull some work from hospital back into the community. There is room for development in the scheme but the support of STH would be required. This point should be discussed with Mike Daybell, who set up the scheme. RO stated that although he could not make a development of the scheme happen, he could back up the LOC in developing the scheme into a share care system by organising help out writing a business case.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: The national screening committee carried out an audit recently to see how the screening was going. The local group has not met since June so results are not known, but Rob Hughes sent an email with a summary of the current position. It is felt that the fee is still not reasonable and hopefully the NSC will support this feeling. Things have gone quiet with the broadband connection for practices and cameras. Will W is to attend the next meeting and report to the LOC.

V. Low Vision Group: Nothing to report. A meeting is due this week. RSB is moving back in the city centre next month

VI. Primary Care Trust: Mike met with Kate Gleeve and had a discussion with Kay Logan regarding the PCT and the SLOC and how they can work together. Jane Harriman and Karen Curren are to be invited to attend the next LOC meeting, to discuss clinical governance.

VII. Website: All updated and the new version will be launched shortly so that new forms etc can be uploaded by members. RO asked whether members wanted to be in the NHS network and in the future all NHS referral appointments could be made using Choose and Book. RO to check the feasibility to link optoms to the network (as is the case for pharmacists).

All emailed to members prior to the meeting.

Any Other Business
Annual LOC dinner: 18 September – venue confirmed as Aagrah on Leopold Square – meet at 7.45 for dinner at 8 pm. David Shepherd to be invited as a guest.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 14 October 2008, subsequently changed to 21 October 2008
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.30

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