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Sheffield LOC meeting 30th June 2014

Minutes of Local Optical Committee Meeting 30th June 2014

Present: Rob Hughes (RH-Chairman), Deborah Mullens (DM-Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Shirley Blundell (SB), Dee Singh (DS), James Allen (JA), Rob Hobson (RO).
Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes) Meeting started- 7:50 PM
Apologies for absence from Mike Daybell, Gerry Cowley and Azad Nawaz.
CET provision by the LOC
Information governance
Any other business

RH – I attended ‘An Introduction to Prevent’ held at The Copthorne Hotel last week. It obliges anyone with an NHS contract (enhanced services not GOS) that if you have suspicions that a patient may have been radicalised or is in danger of being radicalised and may have the potential to be a danger to the public in any way then you have a duty to report that person. It works in a similar way to the Child Protection Policy, i.e., if you have any suspicions that a child you are treating has been abused you have a duty to report it to the authorities. Any information should be reported to a Prevent lead police officer from the South Yorkshire Police who deals with these cases.
DM – is this aimed at all medically aligned personnel in primary care?
RH- This covers all GPs and hospital staff and any other medical personnel who have contact with the public. The Prevent meeting comprised three pharmacists; four optometrists and the rest were GP managers.
JA- Does this override the patient confidentially law?
RH – This does override the patient confidentially clause as does any case where you feel a patient may be a danger in any way to the public. This was discussed at the Prevent meeting and the advice was that before you report anyone you should first inform your insurance provider and get their advice as to whether to proceed with the report or not. If you do decide to report anyone it’s important to document everything that you think is relevant to the case.
SB- Has there been something specific that has lead to this action?
RH – Yes, after the 7/7 bombing it was found that terrorists were buying large quantities of peroxide from a local pharmacy. As ‘Prevent’ develops there will be some specific training involved for opticians so I contacted LOCSU and DOCET requesting a further update. DOCET responded with some useful information; they are currently updating their child protection information and working on a prevention of terrorism strategy so we need to convince the CCG that this type of distance learning training would be ideal for us. Each Optometrist will also need some individual training but mainly trust your instincts with regards to making any report.
HB – As Sheffield has been flagged up as one of the worst places for FGM should this also be the sort of thing we should be reporting if suspected?
RH- there is nothing specifically about FGM at the moment. Each practice has a child protection plan which is a requirement of being an Enhanced Service Provider the ‘Prevent’ issues would probably be added onto that. Some CCGs would like anyone who does work with the public to be included in this but at the moment it is only Enhanced Service Providers. The individual Optometrist will have to check that they are covered by insurance for any disclosure.
JA – I had a patient who had serious vision problems so I recommended that they stop driving, the patient then threatened to sue me if I disclosed this information to anyone. I contacted AOP and they advised that I send a recorded delivery letter to the patient stating clearly that I recommended that they stop driving with immediate effect but I was advised not to tell anyone else as there has been previous litigation over disclosure of this sort of information.
SB – I had a case of the AOP giving conflicting advice to myself and another person over the telephone which was supposed to be recorded but later they denied all knowledge of the conversations so I recommend all contact to be via email so you have a written record of what advice they have given to you.
HB – do we have any legal obligation when someone is driving in another country?
RH- No. Information Governance
RH- We have all had to do quality in optometry checks in each practice. People with enhanced services now need to fill out an Information Governance NHS tool kit questionnaire which concerns strategies for child protection and data protection, each practice should have got one. It will take a few hours to fill in and will probably need to be done every year. Other medical professionals will probably get funding to do the questionnaire but not Optoms. If anyone has any problems contact Jo.
There is also a voluntary NHS online survey about vision loss on how eye care can be improved; it takes about 10 minutes to fill out.
RH – We have been approached by someone asking if we want to have a sponsored LOC meeting i.e. they would give a presentation first then there would be the normal LOC meeting. Other organizations have also approached LOC about doing CET.
Last week we had CET meeting and LOC had to pay for the room and the food. The leaflet was done without LOC approval and said that the meeting and the food would be free.
In regard to setting up regular CET events; should we have a yearly subscription and have about 4 lectures per year? It could be charged by direct debit, or pay per lecture.
DM- we could have a programme of events and make people commit to a lecture in advance.
SB -should we endorse speakers we haven’t heard before? Also could we try to find out what subjects Optoms are interested in learning about?
EP- could we get Cooper Vision and others like them to do a presentation?
JA- I think people are happy to pay for meetings if they can get the points for it.
EP – I think we should plan a series of meetings in advance for 2015, this will give us plenty of time to organize speakers and get people interested, also regular LOC sponsored lectures could help bring more Optoms into LOC membership. It could be too much pressure to have meetings too often as they will be hard to keep up and organise.
SB- it might be better to do fewer longer sessions and get more information over. JA -It is possible to learn a lot from pear review and get points at the same time.
RH- So firstly we should write to all local practices to see what feedback we can get on what information would be helpful and if they would be interested in attending. After we contact Optoms and get feedback we can then decide whether it should just be for Optoms or Optoms and DOs, then look at hosting a clinical lecture.
SB- I went on the original course so I will speak to consultants and get feedback as to whether they are willing speak at a meeting.
RH – There are some problems with passing information to GPs. As a PEARS Optom you can refer direct to GPs but when you refer SPA should be informed. If you refer directly to SPA you don’t need to inform the GP as they will do it. You should always copy the GP in if patient is registered with GP so even though the Optom is referring the information goes on the patients GP records. Every GP has a generic email NHS inbox for receiving emails.
SB -is there a problem faxing from practice to GP?
RH – there is an NHS system for sending fax – Telephone first to confirm fax number, send the fax, and then ring again to check fax has been received. I recommend emailing everything and I am working with Lynda so all Sheffield practices will get an NHS email account and will be encouraged to use them for sharing information. I will forward all current Optom NHS email account addresses to everyone. If it is at all possible to use NHS email account; for data security purposes it should be looked into and done.
SB- it would be good to do a brush up on NHS protocol regarding sharing information via email etc.
DM – I will put on the web site both new versions of the referral form; word and pdf. One is a specific form for cataracts – the other a normal referral form.
RH – now the cataract post op form comes with a pre printed, pre-paid envelope, this should help them get the forms returned back to them.
Other Business
SB – Triage- A friend went to an Optom and found pressure raised, they got her to go back for Goldman, she went back again and pressure was still raised so she had to go back for Goldman again, they then referred to hospital. The letter was triaged through pears so she was told to go to yet another Optom. So she has had 3 sets of tests now.
There was a general discussion about triage referrals and it appears there are many different routes of action.
SB – this would be a good subject for a lecture as this is a cause for concern and there is no definitive protocol.
DM -Do we have a list of everyone who does ATM?
HB – We have to go round every practice to set up LOC so we could collect this information at the same time.
HB- A lady from SRSB walking group requested could you please send anyone who is partially sighted to join the SRSB walking group and please can we put on our web site.
SB – The Arch Project – would like some guidelines on getting eye tests for homeless people and how can this best be set up. Mike Daybell to be contacted as he already does this work.
9:00 PM end of business.

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