Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 31st Jan 2017

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 31 January 2017

Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Secretary Michael Daybell (MD), Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), Dee Singh (DS), James Allen (JA), Gerry Cowley (GC), Deborah Mullens (DM), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH), Rob Hobson (RHO), Azad Nawaz (AZ), Matthew Lee (ML)
Attendees: Nizz Sabir LOCSU, Lynda Liddament CCG, Sarah Burt CCG in attendance, Karen Williams (Minutes)
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Changes to Constitution
2. Changes to PEARS terms of service
3. OHT
4. Other News

Changes to the LOC Constitution
RH I would like to propose a few amendments to the LOC constitutions.
1. That the LOCSU constitution head committee should consist of at least six elected members and a maximum of twelve, and no single company or their affiliates will have more than two members on the committee.
2. A change to the length of time served by the chairman, treasurer and secretary from one year to three years and on a yearly basis after that.
3. If a member of the LOC committee is absent for three consecutive meetings of the committee the committee may declare that his seat has been vacated.
4. Regarding the AGM; change the clause that says “at that each AGM a third of committee members will be elected” to “any committee members that are due for re-election will be elected”.
5. The current chair will act as returning officer.
LOC committee accepted all the changes.
Changes to PEARS terms of Service
RH I.e. the conditions that as practitioners we must abide by to do PEARS.
1. Protocol – If we have a patient with esotropia that has not been cycloed do we refer straight into secondary care or do we bring them in and cyclone them and see what happens?
DM The Orthoptist would say you should refer, as there may be other issues going on and it is possible that children have been treated in the community and later problems have arisen and went untreated.
HB We can’t just refer all cases; we should cyclo, then do all the normal tests and if everything is fine just monitor the patient, and refer later if necessary.
RH So the PEARS protocol should be; Cyclo, full GOS then four week review to check for ocularity and follow the PRR pathway. (Note- 4 is the minimum age for PEARS.)
The Original PEARS protocols are on the LOC website.
RH At the moment there is a gentleman’s agreement that when we get patients in through PEARS we don’t just put them into our reminder system; I would like to put that into our PEARS terms of service.
There is no legal requirement to write a prescription for a patient.
AN On a hospital prescription that has expired in 12 months can you do a repair voucher?
DM Yes
MD We need to discuss the price we would like to set for providing the OHT service – cost neutral will not get us anywhere, so do we want to stick with £55 or nothing for dilated disc, thresholds GRR? I spoke to the CCG who were still interested but want a cost saving, we are driving the discussion but after seeing them last July nothing has happened.
NS They are looking for a national tariff of £50 but we could be looking at upping the tariff if there are other things added onto the test.
JA The lower the agreed price for OHT monitoring the less optom practices will opt into the system. Then the optoms that have opted in may end up having to see a lot of patients per week as so few optom practices will be offering the service.
RH Presently PEARS is underfunded and we haven’t had a pay rise for 10 years. I think we should try to point out that £55 is a cost saving, can we use this as a starting point.
I think we need to keep pushing for our original figure, we don’t want to drop the tariff too low but when we have an agreed figure we can put it out to all optom practices and see how many would want to do it.
So once we have negotiated a price then we can let optoms know how much work they could expect to get; knowing how many practices want to do it.
NS We expect an upper limit of 2000 patients in this area. But can we request what the CCG tariff is at the moment?
MD Ocular Hypertension doesn’t have a coding at the moment and CCG doesn’t know what they are paying.
LL Unless we know what they are coding and how they are coding it we can’t give a figure.
RH I could email Simon Longstaff and ask what cost coding he uses for his OHT patients, and does he put through a separate tariff for any fold fields.
HB If in time there is a system where one person represents each area; will there eventually be one price for all areas i.e. the lowest price?
RH This hasn’t happened yet.
HB We really want to know how much OHT at the hospital costs but we can base our figures on the national average if we can’t get a figure.
Other Business
RH One final question; who has received there CET grant?
LL There are lots of problems at the moment and payments are not being made.
HB LOCSU – they would like me to pay them monthly for their levy but for now will accept quarterly payment so is everyone alright for paying quarterly?
It was agreed to pay quarterly.
AN PECS information governance- I can’t do it anymore.
DS Let me know what is involved and I may be willing.
RH Can we arrange 6 April for the next PEAR review 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Agreed yes.
Meeting ended 9:00 PM

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