Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 4th March 2008

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell, Alex Gage, John Stokes, Sue Stentiford (Chair), Will Walters,

In attendence: Pascale Quercioli

Apologies: Shirley Blundell; Robert Hughes, Ian Van Hoof, John Wittle

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 22 January 2008 were accepted as a correct record. Proposed W Walters – Seconded G Cowley

Matters arising

I. Triage proposals: Mike Daybell reported that a meeting had taken place with the PCT, the GP Consortium and STH Andrea Pearson and Mike Nelson, and the STH was happy to give training as we define it and the consortium has agreed to pay for stuff specific to triaging. A letter is to be sent out to all optoms who showed interest next week giving a list of all procedures they will need training on, starting with a simple list. The conditions are in the Surrey protocol. J Stokes explained that some of the protocols may already be available at STH for trainees and nurse practitioners at the emergency eye centre. It was noted that the proposal would help the relationship between STH and optoms.

II. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: Nothing to report. Mike Daybell to meet Linda L to try and get a better audit although getting information is difficult as Linda collects the data but does not analyse it. Feedback from the lecture was very good. There was a discussion on accreditation optoms who do attend the lectures. Figures of optoms registered on the scheme remains low. Will commented that multiples such as Boots are led by commercial results. It was agreed to monitor the progress over the next 6 months, re-assess and wait and see whether the PCT decides to carry on or not. The form was discussed and it is felt that it is still too daunting but a useful aide-memoire. The form should be re-designed after April and in the autumn.

III.Children’s Eye Care: Linda L is organising a meeting with the interested parties.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: Will reported that the funding for broadband to transfer patients’ information using his NHS account has not been confirmed and that the PCT would not pay for it or provide it, The optoms are now expected to take control of it. There was some discussion of increased fees taking place. Gerry questioned the data security when sending information over broadband. Each practice will be supplied with an NHS email account whether they are part of the scheme or not. Two cameras had been moved out of AC Smiths who has closed down and one other was going to be moved. John Stokes explained that all graders at STH would have to complete a C & G course in the medium term, which may be rolled out to optoms practices in the future. It is thought that no funding will be made available for this. Those rules may only apply to practices taking part in the scheme but not to optoms seeing patients outside the scheme.

V. Ophthalmology Joint Planning Group: Linda L is asking who would be prepared to be the SLOC representative when the meeting start again. It is felt that representation of SLOC is vital to this group. There should be 3 SLOC reps at each meeting from a pool of at least 5. Alex, Mike, Helen, Gerry and Rob agree to sign up to this. John Stokes stated that it was important to go into the meetings with specific topics to discuss. However it is recognised that dates should be set in advance and meeting take place every 4 months, with 2 evening meetings and 2 day meetings. John Stokes said that he had received the date of the next meeting and that he would inform all so that 3 SLOC members can attend.

VI. Low Vision Group: Alex is attending a meeting on 10 April to push David’s agreement. The LVG are pushing this agreement which partly why the OJPG has been revived. It is noted that North Derbyshire are running a scheme.

VII. Primary Care Trust: Had a meeting with David Inman and Jane Harriman regarding the latest governance information questionnaire. It is thought that money would be made available next year. All information required is posted on the AOP website. Sue suggested we make a point of inviting David to the SLOC meeting after the practice visits have taken place.

VIII. Website: There was some discussion as to whether the website should have restricted access and at what level. Any optom should have access to the website. Currently only SLOC members have access to the website. Pascale to find out the set up. Everyone should have open access up to the level of minutes. It was also stated that the password should be more user friendly.



Any Other Business

Sue resigned as Chair and Mike as Treasurer.
Some discussion took place regarding the length of the new posts and it is proposed that posts would be for 2 years with the option to extend to 3.

Alex Gage remains secretary
New nominations are as follows:-
Mike Daybell: Chair – nominated by Will Walters – Seconded by Gerry Cowley
Gerry Cowley: Treasurer – nominated by Alex Gage – Seconded by Will Walters

New members should be recruited: Sue to approach D&A. Also agreed to write to all optoms to seek new members. Pascale to get the list of names and combine with mail out to be posted regarding the SLOC AGM.

J Stokes asked the members if they knew any optom looking for work as STH is currently looking to recruit 2 posts.

Date for next meeting:

Tuesday 29th April 2008,
Beauchief Hotel
Abbeydale Road at 7.00pm

Meeting closed at 9.40

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