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Sheffield Loc meeting 5th february 2013

Sheffield Local Optical Committee

SLOC Minutes of the meeting

Held: Tuesday 5th February 2013

Present: James Allen (JA), Shirley Blundell (SB), , Rob Hughes (RH – Chair), Tan Hussain (TH), Deb Mullens (DM), Habib Shah (HS), Azad Nawaz (AN), Alex Webster (AW), Susan Wilford (SW), Helen Wilkinson (HW)

Attendees: Louise Lambert (LL) (Minutes) Ean Blair (EB) (Guest – Chair of Hull LOC)

Apologies: Gerry Cowley (GC), Alastair Mew (AM), Richard Oliver (RO)

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record. Proposed by HS and seconded by JA

Welcome and Introductions

RH welcomed EB to the meeting and the committee introduced themselves.

Matters Arising

1. Meeting with Ian Rennie and Richard Sheard

The meeting was to discuss the Cataracts Scoring and obtain the hospital viewpoint, Richard Sheard (RS) being the cataracts lead and Ian Rennie (IR) the Head of the Ophthalmology dept. The result of the meeting was that the scoring was been withdrawn as of the 1st April 2013, with no replacement.

DM and TH joined the meeting at 7:40pm

Scoring will still be paid to the end (close) of the scheme. JA raised concerns about the effect of the process of triaging without the scoring.
Action: RH to clarify with RO

Lack of patient’s choice was raised as a concern. RH explained to EB the scoring process and lifestyle questions at the moment. JA commented that he had received compliments about the process from an Optometrist based in Newcastle.

The next step of the referral pathway, without cataracts scoring was discussed in depth, the group discussed various scenarios and optometrist’s responsibility. They spoke about the options of sending referrals either directly or via PEARS. One singular referring pathway through SPA was considered to be beneficial, in the fact that it was open to less interpretation. It was finally decided to process simple cataract referral directly, on the slightly amended GOS18 form
Action: To put the protocol and forms on the website

The group commented on the cost efficiency of the scheme and it was thought that it would be beneficial to obtain some statistical information to support the savings and benefits of the scheme obtained.
Action: RH to obtain statistics

RH confirmed that Post op was still going to continue.

2. OHT monitoring
The group further discussed the effect within triage which evolved more widely into Glaucoma and OHT. RH commented that IR was against discharge into the community and OHT going through the same procedure. RO and AM thought it would be difficult to do anything with OHT but would still promote if LOC were interested, it was thought it would be very difficult to proceed with it without the hospitals approval. Simon Longstaff (SL) is an advocate for Glaucoma in the community.
The group questioned the hierarchy structure within the hospital and it was clarified that IR is SL’s manager, although it was unknown if IR was aware of SL position and visa versa. The group considered if it was worthwhile holding a meeting between RO, AM, RH and SL to discuss further.

The group considered leaving the issue for the moment and reviewing it in a year, when there may be a change in views due to the changing/transitional environment. Registering an interest is in a Glaucoma scheme.

3. Peer Review update

JA and AZ are attending a Peer event in London on the 25th February 2013. The majority of optometrist wanted a larger event, suggested around March or April. Trevor would charge £250 to attend the event. EB did comment that they were also able to offer a facilitating service.

The group wanted to hold a small peer review with members of the SLOC committee. EB offered further guidance indicating that the facilitator would need to do 3 events in order to become fully accredited.

The group spoke further about core skills and CET and made sure everyone was up to date. Not only do optometrists obtain points for completing core skills it is also seen favourable by the commissioners. The GRR (Glaucoma Referral Refinement) Scheme required additional training.

4. GRR scheme find the own GRR referrals.
The group spoke further about training, commenting that it took about a month to obtain the WOPEC certificates and potentially longer to receive the additional PEARS training certificate.

RH confirmed that all the required codes have been distributed to the majority.

The peer review was hoped to take place in an evening, ideally outside of work.

5. Levy

RH mentioned that at the last AGM the committee spoke about increasing the levy, the decision at the time was not formally approved. It was understood that such significant decision need to be agreed within the AGM. RH confirmed with the committee that the increase in Levy would formally be agreed at the next AGM.

There was a brief discussion about the date of the next meeting and the group agreed to move the next meeting to the 19th March 2013.

The group was informed that LOCSU had reduced their rates by 0.4. The possible implementation of a limited company, as discussed at a previous meeting, 28th May 2012 was no longer required and as such the increased Levy fee would need to be reviewed.
Action: HB inform the group of the proposed Levy fee at the AGM

Whilst discussing the AGM meeting RH reminded the group about his decision to step down as Chair. The group then discussed the options of replacement with the possibility of a rotating chair and responsibilities.

6. Any other business

Child vision screening programme

The community screening programme is connected with the hospital, Orthoptic screening which is contracted for three years by the PCT (Primary Care Trust). The PCT is disbanding on the 31st March 2013 and it was questioned who would be picking up the rolling 3 year contract at the end of March.

The group spoke about the PRR scheme, particular around children attending the clinic at the Northern General who had not been picked up by the PRR scheme.
Action: RH to clarify with RO

It was confirmed that generic NHS Mail account are used for enhanced services. The Childrens hospital Orthoptists send all PRR referrals to generic accounts.


The group spoke further about the update to the GOS18 form and SW informed the group that she had, had an interesting meeting with the department of health forms. SW conveyed the variation of how the forms where designed and made. She had also enquired if forms could be issued electronically, using datasets. Datasets where requested as the forms layout differ within conglomerate optometrists.

7. Date of next meeting;

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Meeting Finished 20.55pm

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