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Sheffield LOC meeting 5th March 2012

Sheffield LOC Meeting Beauchief Hotel 7.30pm
5th March 2012

Apologies: Gerry Cowley (GC), Mike Daybell(MD), Sue Wilford(SW)Tan Hussain(TH)Alex Gage(AG)

Attending: Helen Bailey (HB)Shirley Blundell(SB) Rob Hughes(RH) Alastair Mew(AM) Deborah Mullens(DM) Azad Nawaz(AN)Richard Oliver(RO)Habib Shah (HS)Helen Wilkinson(HW)

Guests: Victoria Smith (VS) Dee Singh (DS),

Minutes of last 2 meetings –December 2011, SB required a change in wording of the section on PRR performance, and also an alteration to the January2012 minutes about the reference to school vision and its confusion with the screening program.
Approved by AN and seconded by SB
RO requested information on PRR performance from SB
RH has been developing an updated referral / scoring sheet. The Co pathology and comments section has been removed at the request of Richard Sheard (RS), and it is emphasised that it should only be used for straightforward cataract. HW questioned if the form will still be sent by some optometrists for pt with co pathology – discussion followed, and agreed most should follow the new route if all forms go out with a covering letter.
RO pointed out that signature of the patient should be on all cataract forms whether referred or not for consent.

There was a discussion about the need for, and payment of, dilation to assess cataract. RO /AM said it would not be possible for the PCT to fund paid dilated assessments. All agreed that dilation would ideally always be used, but it is time consuming and costly, and therefore unless the fundus was not visible, it would not routinely be carried out. RH agreed to keep the “dilated examination” tick box on the form, but make it a yes/no response. RO questioned whether the LOC might look for support on a national level with regard to funding for dilation.

School Vision
RH reported that he had a meeting with Demelza Whitbread … and Martin Johnson regarding this. RH voiced our concerns over the confusion with the school screening program. The following was agreed:
1. To call the assessments that they carry out “enhanced reading assessments “which was felt should help avoid any confusion.
2. To rewrite the section on the school vision website referring to optometrists and other professionals.
Head teachers will be sent information on this and then what they choose to do with it is up to them. RH said the age target was also different, at approx 10 years old.
Following a brief discussion on this topic it was suggested that the LOC write to head teachers explaining that the school screening program is NOT related to school vision. RH to draft.

Contacting the Orthoptic depts.
DM reported that she had a talk with Lynne Rossiter ,head orthoptist at RHH , who felt that as they did not have a generic email, she would not be happy to put forward a named email address. So the outcome was that whenever a community optom has a query regarding a current or discharged px they should telephone the dept.
SB reported that SCH were happy to supply contact details including an email address. This information will be published on the LOC website.
SPA not accepting referrals from under 4’s
RH reported that this was just a misunderstanding, and ALL referrals regardless of age should be sent through SPA.

Other – There was talk about whether domiciliary referrals should be triaged at all?
• If a patient requires transport to HES it should be noted on the referral form.

• RO/RH mentioned the CRG meeting on 17th April, which will include Glaucoma, attendees were requested.
• HB brought up the issue of payment to LOSU- it was agreed we would continue to pay them 0.25% from GOS as now.
• HB reported meeting with Norman Crichton of SRSB, who wanted a roving telephone number for his clients to call – all agreed this was not possible or professional and HB would advise that any clients wanting to speak to an optom should go and see their local optician.
• There was discussion about confusion over the various schemes running in Sheffield especially for locums who may travel from elsewhere.It was agreed that an A4 laminated sheet summary of the schemes to go in every testing room would be a good start. HB to draft.
• RO confirmed that there have been further orders for tonometers and disposable heads to be provided FOC by the PCT.

Next meeting changed to Tuesday April 24th

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm

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