Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 6th September 2004


Gerry Cowley, Robert Hughes, Will Walters, David Timmins, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford, David Inman, Shirley Blundell, David Shepherd, Michael Daybell.

In attendance

Christine Hagin



Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 28th June 2004 were accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

Optom visits for baseline assessment, David Inman is due to start these. He is reorganising the questionnaire and discussed with the committee various additional questions particularly around children’s eye screening. Also to be included will be questions asking what equipment or special services optom practice’s have. Alex Gage suggested the questionnaire should state where the information would go. This information is held at Brincliffe House for the local PCT’s. David will send out draught copies to committee members and the draught will be finalised by committee members travelling down to the NOC Conference.

Protocols for referring, Sue Stentiford suggested looking at the pathways for referring including cataract and casualty referrals. David Inman thought a pack containing all this information should be sent to all optoms. This information would also be posted on the website where optoms would go to for updates. Sue also suggests revisiting referral procedures on ARMD. This could be discussed with Mike Nelson**********his details
It was suggested speaking to Prof Rennie to find out what the NHS would like to happen.

National Eye Care week. Shirley Blundell told the committee that this is going to be based on children’s eye care. Anyone paying membership can ask for poster pack.

Photo Dynamic Therapy. Alex informed the committee of the regional policy done by Norcom on PDT. Alex suggested the committee should get a copy of the policy and then decide a pathway.


  1. combining cataract scoring and referral forms
  2. second copy to be same colour ******* as what
  3. forms to be the same for each PCT

The committee agreed the 1st and 2nd suggestions were possible but didn’t feel that all the pct’s would agree to the same form.
Gerry Cowley is to reply to the optom with this information.

LMC – re scoring system – send a copy to LMC ****** not sure what this means

Any Other Business

Sheffield SWPCT, Falls pathway meeting, vision/eyes part of this. David Shepherd gave details of one day event on 24th September at Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground. Shirley Blundell may attend, she is to sort.

PDT meeting on 8th October- Sue Stentiford is to attend.

Diabetic screening contract for optoms. Sue informed the committee that the contract has been changed. The original contract stated the fee would increase alongside GOS rates. The new contract says this may happen. The committee agreed that at the next meeting Sue, as representative of the LOC committee, states that they are not happy with this.

Diabetic screening funding – Sue is to organise a sub committee for Monday 18th October to discuss this.

Sensory Impairment form – David Shepherd handed out copies of these forms to all committee members.

NOC meeting 6th October 2004. Gerry Cowley and David Shepherd will be attending, Gerry to organise booking. Alex Gage and David Inman will be going as part of the PCT,s.

Mike Nelson attending an LOC meeting – the committee agreed to the possibility of this. Mike Daybell suggested the meeting should be structured with an agreed agenda.

Date for next meeting

Monday 11th October 2004, Board Room, Fulwood House at 7.00pm. The meeting was closed at 21.00.

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