Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 8 August 2006

Present: Robert Hughes, Jon Stokes, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Will Walters, David Timmins, Alex Gage, David Shepherd

Apologies: Jon Whittle, Mike Daybell, Shirley Blundell

Guest: Laura Christie (Development Officer with See Ability), Jody Smith (Pre registration Student)

In attendance: Christine Hagin

1. Minutes of the last meeting held on the 27th June 2006 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising
(i) Children’s eye screening –There wasn’t anything to report.
(ii) DESP meeting – Robert Hughes said it has been requested by the diabetic eye screening committee that any optoms writing or in discussion with their patients make it clear that the eye exam and diabetic screening are two separate events and also that they follow college and AOP guidelines with respect to private diabetic examinations. Jon Stokes is to draught a letter to send to all Sheffield optoms on the screening programme, with regard to this request. Figures for Screening: 18,000 patients were offered the screening in the last 12 months (90%). Previous years figures were 14,000. The number of patients who received the screening was 65%.
(iii) Low Vision Group – There was a meeting on the 18th August with Chris Kersey. The projected figures for the set up costs for the screening programme is £15,000. David Shepherd has suggested the optoms fee will be £60. £45 for the first visit and £15 for a follow up. Overall cost for each patient is estimated at £100 (this is to include all costs inc aid). Sue Stentiford suggested a flow chart for the different pathways and costings; David Shepherd is to look at doing this.
(iv) PCT – Practice based commissioning is likely to take off. Linda Liddament is talking about a pilot scheme. A meeting is to be organised between Mike Daybell, Alex Gage and GP’s in their area about what can happen.
(v) OJPG – Jon Stokes has asked Andrea Pearson what is happening regarding direct referral. Andrea is going to organise a meeting with Ian Rennie, Mike Nelson, Jon Stokes and she to discuss this matter.
(vi) Website – this in now up to date. A protocol for eye casualty, in hours and out of hours is being looked at, at the moment.

3. Correspondence

1. Letter to remind all optoms that the NOC will be at Birmingham 4th & 5th October. Sue Stentiford is going to send a copy of the letter to all LOC committee members to find out who will be going.

4. Any Other Business

1. Laura Christie came to talk to the LOC committee with regard to the launch of the Eye to Eye campaign for people with learning disabilities. The campaign is designed to raise awareness for sensory impaired people. There will hopefully be a See Ability stand at the Sheffield AOP in November. Sue Stentiford suggested that Laura might attend an AOP meeting and give a presentation to them. Laura handed out a questionnaire to the committee for their comments. The committee suggested that some of the questions related to facilities for disabled patients or patients with learning disabilities be added to practice questionnaires which may form a part of clinical governance issues at some point in the future. Sue Stentiford will email David Inman to raise this question.

1. Date for next meeting: Tuesday 10th October 2006, at the Rutland Arms, Brown Street, S1. The meeting will start at 7.00pm.

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