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Sheffield LOC meeting 8th September 2009

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 8 September 2009

Present: Phil Banton, Helen Bailey, Shirley Blundell, Mike Daybell (Chair), Robert Hughes, Ian Van Hoof, David Inman, Helen Wilkinson

Apologies : Gerry Cowley, Alex Gage, Sue Stentiford

Guest: Richard Oliver In attenance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 7 July were amended and accepted as a correct record. Proposed: R Hughes (RH)– seconded P Banton (PB).

Matters arising
• Training 22 October – Venue Osbourne House. ARMD and Infection control as a short presentation will be included in the training.
• Expenses: discussions deferred to the next meting when G Cowley (GC) is present. Shirley Blundell (SB) asked if costs from other LOC could be obtained (GC?) in the meantime.
• Mike Daybell (MD) reported that he had had a meeting with Stephen Hague, Assistant Director of Communications at NHS Sheffield as a “bridge building” meeting to clarify the role of SLOC.

I. Referral Information Service (RIS)
MD attended with Linda Liddement and reported that he felt this was a well ran efficient service which SLOC could use. The RIS is effectively a streamlining service to set up appointments with the appropriate clinic for the patient, with the added advantage of offering an audit trail. Richard Oliver (RO) suggested that the service should be used by optoms when referring to secondary case. MD to send details to members and Robert Hughes (RH) to post the address on the website.

II. PEARS Scheme: Helen Wilkinson (HW) reported that she had had patients sent to her practice without the PEARS form. RO recommended that a letter is sent to participant GP practices.

III. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: Nothing to report

IV. Children’s Eye Care: SB reported that the scheme had been approved by the PCT and that the next stage would be that optoms register their interest in taking part in the scheme. To do so, optoms will need an enhanced CRB check at their own cost. The next stage is to recruit optoms to sign up to the scheme and NHS Sheffield has suggested an information evening be organised for optoms to register their interest.

V. Diabetic Eye Screening: PB reported that Chris Brand had approached him to ask if optoms would be willing to see un-gradable to reduce the numbers he sees in Hallanshire clinic and the overall waiting times. The suggestion is to have a certain number of optoms NVQ trained to do so. SLOC is in favour in principal, as it is felt as a first step, but costs need to be looked at. RO to find out the cost of the patient being graded through the hospital so that SLOC can quantify the costs involved. RO suggested he finds out the possibility of one letter automatically being generating every time a photo is graded and sent to the patient’s optom. Further discussion on this matter to take place a the next diabetic screening meeting at the Hallamshire.

VI. Low Vision Group: PB and Helen Bailey (HB) said that they had positive response from the letter sent out with 22 optoms saying they were interested in a scheme. It is however felt that the idea was less enthusiastically received at the Hallamshire, when it was commented that LVG would not be reviewed until 2010. However as it is up to the PCT to decide what services are available based on value for money and care in the community, RO suggested a business case be written by the SLOC. HB & PB to put a proposal together to include fees etc..

VII. Primary Care Trust: David Inman (DI) reminded members that they were to send templates of their own infection control protocols to Angela Billings (Infection Nurse at NHS Sheffield) for her to come up with am=n overall protocol. DI made the SLOC aware of the new standards recently introduced for Chloramphenicol, which should be stored in each practice in a dedicated fridge with temperature control daily verified by signature. A letter is to be sent to each practice shortly by the PCT. The matter was discussed at length and it was agreed to seek the College position for national guidance on the matter. DI reported that the PCT has expressed their positive view of the PEARS scheme and as soon as the scheme is finalised, DI proposes to circulate to other PCTs acknowledging SLOC efforts in setting up the scheme.

VIII. Website: RH reported that only a few new optoms had registered on the website since the letter had been sent.

• Standards will be emailed around shortly
• Stop Smoking Leaflet: Felt very good quality to be progresses by PB

Any Other Business
SLOC formerly accepts Helen Wilkinson on the Committee – proposed PB – seconded SB
• Jan Sobieraj NHS Sheffield CEO invited to the next SLOC meeting.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 20 October at 7.30
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 10.00

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