Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Sheffield LOC Meeting 9th July 2009

SLOC Minutes of the Meeting
Held on Tuesday 7 July 2009

Present: Phil Banton, Shirley Blundell, Gerry Cowley, Mike Daybell (Chair), Alex Gage, Robert Hughes, Sue Stentiford,

Apologies : Helen Bailey, Ian Van Hoof, John Whittle

Guest: Richard Oliver, Helen Wilkinson

In attenance: Pascale Quercioli

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 12 May were amended and accepted as a correct record.

Matters arising

I. PEARS Scheme: New version of the scheme was sent out to GPs because the original seemed too complicated. New simplified version is due to go out shortly. Richard Oliver (RO) commented that including a list of optoms would be difficult to manage and keep up to date. It is suggested the list is kept on the website. In order to start the process of enabling optoms to prescribe certain medications it is suggested that the SLOC submit a list of widely used basic medications available on prescriptions at the moment for Richard Oliver to pass on to NHS Sheffield to enquire on putting some procedure into place to allow this (PGD). Mike Daybell (MD) commented that some GPs were still using the old forms. It is suggested that the forms should also be available as e-forms on the Sheffield PCT website.

II. Glaucoma Referral Refinement: A long discussion took place on managing Glaucoma patients. Robert Hughes (RH) commented that if optoms were to be funded by the PCT to obtain the College glaucoma Cert A & B and fund the equipment, they would be able and prepared to stop referring suspect ocular hypertensions and manage the patients themselves, provided they had the hospital’s optoms’ support; in effect optoms would run the in-between care, under the responsibility of a consultant ophthalmologist. The different in pricing between GRR and PEARS was discussed. RO asked whether it would be viable to simplify forms in general with optoms supplying the PCT with one single form monthly with a summary of the activity on each scheme, as the PCT does not require patients’ information. RO to check with NHS Sheffield if suggestion of simplified monthly form is viable.

III. Children’s Eye Care: Shirley Blundell (SB) had circulated an email to all LOC members about screening to start in January 2010 with the new school intake. Next stage is to all parties to meet and to agree the protocol, including the specific equipment which should be available in practices (Logmar charts etc…). As equipment has been included in the business case, it is up to the PCT to finalise. Optoms and the SCH are due to meet to start finalising the protocol. It is agreed to mirror the protocol on the Sunderland’s scheme. SB is to email complete proposal to SLOC members and to liaise with SCH and take forward.

IV. Diabetic Eye Screening: No progress to report. Alex Gage (AG) confirmed that he had been able to email images to be graded. All information should be encrypted although Phil Banton (PB) explained that he had been told not to. Optoms involvement is still unclear as STH team is still not attending the meetings. Most of the problems are routed from a lack of trust between the hospital and the optoms. It is now taking 4 weeks to get results. There is concern of the delays in terms of quality of patient care and it is suggested a formal letter to the Diabetic Committee with copy to John Soady of NHS Sheffield is written to highlight the concerns, voicing the SLOC concern and stating what the SLOC contribution could be to improve the situation, highlighting that optoms are allowed to grade in other parts of the country (SS/RH).

V. Low Vision Group: PB and Helen Bailey (HB) have been through the documents available from work previously done by David Shepherd. HB is organising contacting the optoms to gauge overall interest in Sheffield. STH seems ready to hand the work over the optoms. PB confirmed that he had a meeting with Linda L to discuss the pathway to look at costs, numbers of patients, time waiting and is awaiting the answer. RO suggested SLOC model the LVG on the Derbyshire scheme and present as a business case to the PCT.

VII. Primary Care Trust: AG and MD reported that they had made a presentation on the SLOC to NHS Sheffield board to explain the role of the SLOC and its composition, the schemes ran in Sheffield. Some general discussion ensued on how SLOC and PCT can help each other suggesting that it would be useful to have some figures and statistics and also to have a point of contact at the PCT higher than Linda. Simon Kirk at the PCT explained that a new contact would be in touch with MD shortly. The board is keen that services which can be provided in the community should be so. MD felt the meeting had been very positive. SS confirmed that she had signed up with the Informatics Information Technology class for the committee in July.

VIII. Website: No news other than the link with the PCT is now live.

• GC received a letter from the Central LOC Funding asking the SLOC to pay the voluntary levy to the Central Fund. The majority present are in agreement.
LOC Training Day: PB to attend in October. Other members interested to liaise with RH.
• Email from Novartis about a training day for ARMD– RO reminded the committee of the PCT funding available for venue for training & education.
• Expenses: SB raised the point following the January minutes. This matter will be discussed as an agenda item at the next SLOC meeting.

Any Other Business

Date for next meeting: Tuesday 8 September at 7.30
Beauchief Hotel – Abbeydale Road
Meeting closed at 10.00

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