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Sheffield LOC Meeting Tuesday 24th May

Sheffield Local Optical Committee

SLOC Minutes of the meeting

Held: Tuesday 24th May 2011

Present: Phil Banton (PB), Helen Bailey (HB), Shirley Blundell (SB), Gerry Cowley (GC), Mike Daybell (MD), Rob Hughes (RH – Chair), Tanveer Hussain (TH), David Inman (DI), Habib Shah (HS), Helen Wilkinson (HW)

Guest: James Allen (JA) Alastair Mew (AM), Richard Oliver (RO), David Timmings (DT)

Attendees: Louise Lambert (LL) (Minutes)

Apologies: Alex Gage (AG) Steven Haigh (SH), Azad Nawaz (AN), Susan Wilford (SW)

Guests who attended the AGM where permitted to participate in the SLOC meeting which followed

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 11th April 2011 were amended to reflect PRR contents correctly. They were then accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising

1. Cataract

Following discussions between the LOC, the PCT and the Hallamshire Hospital the threshold for cataract referral may be increased from a score of 7 to a score of 10. Only a combined scoring and referral form will be accepted by the Hallamshire. Referrals submitted on a GOS18, regarding only cataracts will be “bounced back” to the referring optometrists. Multiple conditions referrals will need to be submitted on the GOS18 form and processed through Single Point of Access (SPA). The process still requires clarification.
Action – AM to clarify details and confirm with HB

Cataract referrals from outside of Sheffield, but for a patient with a Sheffield GP, will need to be scored by the triaging optometrist of the day. The triaging optometrists claiming the fee of £11, referrals will be scored prior to onward referral to the Hallamshire, or returned to the referring practice. The group discussed an individual case, who wanted to be referred however because they scored below 6 and would not be referred, they then wanted to complain

The group went onto discuss the cataract patient information leaflet. It was suggested that the group utilise what is already in existence. The group discussed various formats including the National NHS choice website and a leaflet the college is developing.

One of the guests raised the issue of referrals letters going missing, expressing the difficulty and impracticality of chasing it. The group contemplated ways to resolve the issue, a possible solutions being in the form of receipt faxing. To tackle the issue of referrals being delayed or missed the group concluded that it was hoped that an electronic referral, similar to CATS would be put in place. In the meantime fax receipting or persuade colleagues to use email.

AM to clarify with Lynda Lindament, whether it would be possible to send PRR via NHS mail and which practioners have got NHS mail. AM to also progress the PRR process forwards.
Action: AM to discuss with Lynda Lindament NHS mail
Action: AM to further develop the PRR process

Standard glaucoma referrals should be processed through SPA on a GSO18 for triage. Those that have been seen under GRR / PEARS or CATS can be referred directly to the patients chosen secondary care provider

The group suggested putting guidance regarding general referrals on the website. It was asked of the PCT if a letter could be sent out on the SLOC behalf. The letter contents; referral routes, NHS mail, fax acknowledgement and the correct fax number. Optometrists would also need to be informed of referring standards including incomplete forms and agreed scoring. Incomplete forms being “bounced back” by the hospital. The group contemplating the best way to present the information and proposed start date would be when the new forms arrive.
Action: AM to investigate and progress

2. PRR

The LOC feel that direct referral from Paediatric Referral Refinement (PRR) scheme to secondary care should be introduced. The proposal needs to be investigated by Phil Kitchen, Julie Glossop and Lynda Liddament

A PRR event is happening on Tuesday 31st May 2011. LOC committee members have contacted all of the PRR optometrists by phone to ensure high attendance

The group discussed the correct pathway for “Did Not Attend” (DNA’s). If a patient fails to attend twice or refuses treatment then they get referred back to the GP’s. The group spoke in further detail about safeguarding issues. If the patient then again DNA’s, feedback will need to be issued to the patient’s doctor and a letter to parents. There is some follow up work that is required in such circumstances. The group also discussed the benefits of offering guidance on the website.

3. Correspondence
All correspondence is dealt with via email

Any other business

The group discussed the PEARS/MAS proposals and sought further clarification why some medication, including Hypertonic Saline, was not included within the list. This evolved into a lively cost debate.

It was brought to the group’s attention that individuals are buying their prescriptions (glasses and contact lenses) online and if having problems are presenting in the PEARS scheme. The group discussed how to manage these individual cases

The group discussed in detail the referring pathway into PEARS and the necessity of referring optometrists to carry out appropriate test, particular emphasis given to visual fields and optic disc assessments. The optometrists have a duty to refer at an acceptable level and the group considered, that the referring optometrist should receive feedback, thus raising the professional standard

The group discussed the need for a PEARS sub-committee meeting to discuss the above The PEARS sub-committee would consist of James Allen, Helen Wilkinson, Mike Daybell, Helen Bailey, Phil Banton and Rob Hughes. The proposed duration of the meeting would be 2 hours, venue Helen Bailey’s practice at 6pm on Thursday 23rd June 2011.
Action: PB to arrange

Date for next meeting:
Monday 4th July 2011 at 19:30hrs, Beauchief Hotel, Abbeydale Road

Meeting closed at 9.45hrs

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