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Sheffield LOC Minutes 3/10/2017

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 3 October 2017
Present: Chairman Rob Hughes (RH), Treasurer Helen Bailey (HB), Secretary Mike Daybell (MD),Gerry Cowley (GC), East Patel (EP), Habib Shah (HS), Rob Hobson (RHO) Tanveer Hussain (TH), Azad Nawaz (AN), Dee Singh (DS), James Allen (JA), Deborah Mullens (DM).
Attendees: Nizz Sabir LOCSU (NS), Karen Williams (Minutes)
Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Changes to the LOC Constitution
2. OHT
3. Cataract Services
4. Any other business

Changes to the Constitution

RH I added these changes to the constitution as we have always said a maximum of 12 people on the LOC committee and as we are not very busy I think it is acceptable to have a maximum number of people on the LOC committee.
I also put a limit on the number of members from the same multiple; this hasn’t been an issue so far as no multiple other than Specsavers are offering full enhanced services although Boots are doing a limited amount of enhanced services.
TH Rotherham and Barnsley LOC do not have a limit on the number of committee members as we are a joint LOC, we have about 12 to 14 members at the moment, but new members still have to be voted on to the committee.
MD Nizz already has an open invite to all LOC meeting as the LOCSU representative.
HB But we would be breaking the constitution to put him on to the LOC. Specsavers do about approximately 40% of the eye tests in Sheffield so if we wanted the LOC to be representative we would have to change the makeup of the committee to reflect this.
TH If we break the constitution for him then we would also have to allow other people to join if they requested.
RH We can co-opt a new member as a committee but then it would have to be put out to a vote.
JA Well Amy asked to join the LOC committee first so if we allowed more members or a vacancy came up she would be the next new member to join.
RH The maximum of 12 members works well for the amount of work we have and we would like to keep this limit on membership but we will start a waiting list for potential new members for when a vacancy comes up. When that happens we would like Nizz to join the LOC committee.
AN Looking at the changes in technology etc it may be advantageous for one LOC to pair with a neighbouring LOC to help them bid for NHS contracts, I think we should think about joining or collaborating with other LOCs to cover a bigger area and hence be stronger to deal with the NHS when we come to make new contracts. We have PEARS; it is a fantastic scheme but MECS is advancing optometry on a national scale.

MD I have communicated with CCG and they haven’t yet replied to my email. They are keen to have a discussion about OHT I am expecting them to get back to me soon so I will let everyone know when that happens. As regards to urgent care we are awaiting on some information about eye casualty regarding figures on usage etc.
DM There will be a cataract service at the Northern General Hospital; it is hoping to open around April 2018 this is for cataracts services only, any other eye cases and eye casualty will still be seen at the Hallamshire Hospital open 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
DS The Sheffield Star has an good article about eye services at the local hospitals basically saying that the Hallamshire hospital is to be used for all emergency eye cases but that other eye problems will be dealt with in the community via local optoms.
MD Because of the fall in the tariff; should we have a discussion about how much we should charge?
RH Let’s wait until we get an official reply from the CCG then we can review our position.
MD I also mentioned that people might want to do the College approved Professional Certificate in Glaucoma at Bradford University (as explained in the mail shot to all optom practices in the area), as this may be a necessary qualification to be able to offer PEARS services in the future.
NS We are looking at a certificate being necessary for OHT this is in the current guidance and there are still places available on this course.
RH All the current PEARS optoms have done the glaucoma distance learning course.

Cataract Services

RH Spa Medica wanted the LOC to write to all optoms to promote their training. They are a private health care provider who will soon be opening a new facility in Chapeltown.
GC Spa Medica will only take on straight forward cataract cases but they do have a quick turnaround.
JA If we recommend patients to go somewhere specific then they are not happy with the service they will come back to us.
GC We can let people know what choices are available and then they can then decide which service they want.
RH So everyone agrees that we will not endorse Spa Medica.
RH The manager of the new eye unit at the Northern General Hospital wants to come to an LOC meeting so I have invited him to the next one. When they open they are intending to offer a specialised cataract service also with a quick turnaround.
NS The new eye clinic at the Northern General Hospital is actually a private team subcontracting to the NHS made up from the same team of doctors from the Hallamshire hospital eye department.

Other Business

DM ‘Eye Heroes’ is run by Holly who is an optom at the Hallamshire Hospital; she is the local lead for this and wanted everyone at LOC to know what it was all about. It’s a scheme that has been set up for people to go into schools and do a workshop with school children about 8- 12 years old. The idea is the kids go home and suggest family members go to get eye tests.
RH The enhanced services contract is coming up for review in about 6 months I haven’t officially heard anything from the CCG yet but I have contacted them to find out what is happening.
TH Our practice had a strange phone call asking if we had the equipment for keratoconus.
RH That has to be triaged at hospital it is not covered in PEARS.
DM Some GP referrals do get triaged but others are referred to spa.
MD GP practices will be soon be displaying a poster informing people about the services offered by optoms i.e. eye conditions that can be seen at any optoms.
GC We could have a short questionnaire asking how a patient decided to come to an optom for treatment.
NS The National Optical Conference is taking place soon.
EP I will be attending the conference.

Next meeting now changed to Monday 4 December at The Copthorne Hotel at 7:00 PM

Meeting Finished at 8:45 PM

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