Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

SLOC Minutes 5th Jan 2016

Minutes of Sheffield Local Optical Committee 5 January 2016

Present: Rob Hughes (RH-Chairman), Deborah Mullens (DM), Michael Daybell (MD- Secretary), Helen Bailey (HB- Treasurer), East Patel (EP), Rob Hobson (RO), Dee Singh (DS), Habib Shah (HS), Tanveer Hussain (TH), James Allen (JA), Shirley Blundell (SB)
Attendees: Karen Williams (Minutes)
Apologies: Gerry Cowley. Meeting started- 7:30 PM
1. Minutes of the last meeting
2. Pears Reporting
3. OHT
4. New Acting Chairman
5. Other Business
Minutes of the Last Meeting
Helen Bailey approved the minutes from the last meeting and Habib Shah seconded.
Pears Reporting
RH- There are a lot of different conditions reported as ‘Other’ on the Pears online reporting site and there are some missing categories, e.g. disc disorders. Part of the problem is that Optoms are not reporting what the patient has been diagnosed with but are putting down what the patient was referred with. I will send out an email to all the LOC Optoms to say you must report on what your diagnosis is, and please try to fit it into one of the categories available. The only exception is if the patient has been referred for glaucoma. The CCG specifically asked how many glaucoma referrals we were getting through Pears. You do get 3 glaucoma options but I think there should be some additions to the list. We should add in Macular Disorders, Disc Disorders, Migraine and split the category of Iris Disorder and Dry Eye. I will bring it up at the PEAR review meeting.
MD – Regarding discussions on OHT, I have tried to contact Richard but had no response so far.
RH – Maybe we should talk to Alistair Mew, he is not on the team but may know who to contact and also Linda at CCG as she may also know who to talk to about OHT.

New Acting Chairman
RH – I am standing down from the post of Chairman of LOC for 6 months due to other commitments so the LOC needs an acting Chairman to fill in. It involves fielding phone calls from practitioners, dealing with emails sometime via the website, attending meetings, preparing the agenda etc. You don’t have to know everything as there are other members of the LOC committee who can help out with any queries, and I am willing to give help and advice to the person taking over.
Other Business
RH – I have looked into adding a section onto the LOC website to include PECS. It can either be added to the LOC website or could have a website of its own.
HB – I think PECS having its own website is a good idea to deal with possible questions or complaints. We need to review after a year of trading to see how the LOC as a company works out and see if we have the funding for a second website.
RH – Minutes of the meeting should be put on the LOC website and the website needs updating. I will liaise with Mike on how to improve the website and post new info.
HB – Payment for the attendance of LOC meetings; as we are only meeting every 8 weeks now and the meeting is about 1.5 to 2 hours long, should we increase the costs of the meeting from £60 to £90?
The committee agreed to increase the attendance fee to £90
RO – Are we going to have a Christmas get together this year? I will to look into possible venues.
EP – Has anyone been affected by the GOC data protection issue?
RH – The GOC has revealed that they have sold all GOC members personal information. It was sold to an unknown buyer and they refuse to say who bought the information.
SB – Can we as the LOC put in an official complaint about this?
JA – Patient confidentiality – should we report patients who are unfit to drive? The minimum we should do is send the patient a letter with all our concerns listed.
SB – The ophthalmologist that has been seeing the patient doesn’t do anything if they come across this sort of case.
RH – If a medical practitioner questions a patients ability to drive the patient should be informed that they have a notifiable condition, but we can’t do more than that due to patient confidentiality issues. Put everything into the patients notes so you have proof that you noted the problem and informed the patient.

Meeting finished 8:30 PM
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