Sheffield Local Optometric Committee

Secretary’s Report Year Ending 31 March 2005

Since the last AGM the Sheffield Local Optical Committee have met eleven times. This compares with seven the previous year, and six the previous three years, indicating the increased workload for the committee members.

We now have a new venue for meetings – The Rutland Inn, on Brown St – as charges have been introduced for the use of a room in Fulwood House.

I would like to welcome two new members to the committee: John Stokes and John Whittle. As hospital optometrists, they will bring a new perspective to the meetings.

It seems certain now that the Diabetic eye-screening program will switch to a camera based system. The details of this have yet to be finalised. The work put into this by Sue Stentiford and Robert Hughes is much appreciated.

The Joint Ophthalmic Working Party Group met for the first time on the 14th November 2004. It is hoped that this group, interfacing between the LOC the HES and the PCTs, will allow changes to move forward smoothly. Thanks to Mike Daybell, John Stokes and John Whittle for agreeing to sit on this committee.

It was agreed that the Committee should use the AOP model constitution as the basis of the Sheffield LOC constitution.

The LOC now has a website address: We are awaiting copy to put on this.

The number of sight tests in Sheffield were:

2002/2003 – 107921
2003/2004 – 112532
2004/2005 – 116027

Once again this has been a year of change. The active LOCs around the nation have been negotiating NHS eyecare with their representative PCTs. This is providing a patchwork of varying systems throughout the country. We hope that in Sheffield that we can negotiate the best for our patients.

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