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Press release about PRR Sept 2011

Turns out there is an ‘EYE’ in TEAM!!

SHEFFIELD school children are getting quicker access to eye experts thanks to a new scheme for reception children.
Youngsters starting reception are now having their eyes screened by Orthoptist from Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust who go into schools citywide and test the eyes for more than vision alone.
Previously vision was checked by school nurses who referred children to hospital for further tests, if not up to standard.
Now following National Screening Committee recommendations, Orthoptists from the Trust visit schools, screen the children’s eyes and can then refer to a group of Optometrists (also known as Ophthalmic Opticians) in the community for more in depth eye examination and treatment if needed.
The scheme has been set up to make sure children who need hospital care can get it quickly.
More than half the children found to need further tests following the specialist school screening, were seen in the community by the Optometrists and of these more than 9 out of 10 were able to be monitored or treated without the need for a hospital visit.
Shirley Blundell, a Trust and community Optometrist, has helped implement the scheme on behalf of the Sheffield Local Optometric Committee working with the Trust’s Eye Department and NHS Sheffield.
She says: “The reason this scheme has worked so well is down to there being such a great eye care team in Sheffield.
“Sheffield is one of only a few cities to have taken national recommendations from the National Screening Committee (NSC) and implemented this new pathway.”
A list of Sheffield Ophthalmic Optician practices involved in the scheme can be found at

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