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Setting up an NHS mail account

How to activate an NHS net email account

The instructions for the staff as as follows:

1) From Internet Explorer goto

2) Logon using the email address given and the password (from the Internet use the onscreen keyboard for the first 3 characters, then type the rest).

3) Read the Acceptable Use Policy then put a tick on the ‘I agree…’ box. Click on Next.

4) Think of 3 security questions and answers, and keep these in a safe place (they are used by Service Desk to verify the user’s identity).
Click on Next.

5) Enter the current password, then think of a new password (8 characters or more with at least 1 capital letter and 1 number).
Enter this twice then click on Next.

6) If sucessful you will be logged out. Simply close the browser then logon again with the new password.

The password can be changed by the user over the internet at any time, however you can’t change the password yourself once it has expired – a call will have to be made to the IT Service Desk on 0114 3051030

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